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Major feature updates

Long time no update. Almost a year! Time goes fast.
It's not because I'm away from it but because the last release was good enough for me. Until last week, I thought I need update it and make it faster. In this release, I made a major update, cache added, FourCC supported etc. This is the Source zip. Still not working on Vista. Nobody's IColumnProvider works on Vista(RC2).

screenshot devrelease10252006

DevRelease10252006 Win32
DevRelease10252006 Source


1. Upgraded project and source to VS2005.
2. swept for using secutiry string functions.
3. Upgraded to datecode_en 1.4
4. Retrive short date string from OS.
5. Cache mechanism added.
6. FourCC and AVI type added.

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Edited on: 10/26/2006 12:53 AM
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